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It Takes Two

Two make a good Team


Noémi Kiss

Hi, I am Noémi. I am a Fitness Trainer and Child Movement Specialist. Sport has always been important in my life. I felt I wanted to work in this area, and I would like to share with people what I learned in this field.

I struggled so much with anxiety, stress, and perfectionism. I felt I ate very well and did my best in the gym, but I was missing something. I developed well, although I didn't get the expected result. There were other facts that I had to learn to deal with it.


I work with different types of people, helping them achieve their goals. I also work with children, allowing them to develop better. 

Teaching sports and helping people live healthier lives isn't a job for me; this is my passion. You can't stop me from talking about these topics.


Kindergarten Teacher Diploma


4% Fitness Academy - Fitness Coach

Dávid Jakus

​I am a Nutritionist, Sports Instructor, Lecturer, and Writer. Sport has always been important in my life. Therefore, I went to the faculty of Physical Education at the University of Szeged to learn more about this topic and become a Sports Instructor. Then I learned more about nutrition and got certification at Precision Nutrition. 


I work with elite athletes and help them to achieve their best performance. I was invited to health events related to a healthy lifestyle as a lecturer.


After more than a decade, I can show that a healthy lifestyle, good performance, and body composition change can be easy and manageable.


My motto: "It doesn't matter what you know; it matters what you are able to!"


Diploma in Physical Education and Sport Coach


Precision Nutrition Level 1

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