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Personal Training

Build your best shape to be satisfied and confident.

Are you looking for a step-by-step method for body transformation?

You are at the right place. Our program is based on more than 10 years of experience in this field. Soon you will see body trasformation is so simple and doable.


Body Transformation Program

Our program, which offers a long-term solution and is based on small habits, will help you to feel better in your own skin, to be more attractive and confident, and to take on the obstacles of work and everyday life better!

This program is THE PROGRAM that teaches you to find solutions to why we do what we do, so that after the program is over, you don't have to spend on new food supplements, diets, consultant or consultation fees.


The 5 months together will give you the practical knowledge that you can use to find the solution yourself if you get stuck with something later on.

This is not just a lifestyle change program, but an investment in yourself.

Now you will succeed, because you understand the reasons and can apply the learned methods at any time!


Always invest in knowledge as a ready-made solution! That way, in the future, you won't have to start again and again/ to have your goal of 'living healthier and more consciously' on your list of goals every year. You can tick this year and we promise that if you come along the way with us, next year you can start the new year focused on other goals!

The dietary supplement will not solve your problem, but you! If fat burning were the solution, then everyone would live fit and energetic! Don't let the wasted money and the long-awaited result depend on one product! I think the solution lies in you and your habits. Our lifestyle change program teaches you how to shape your habits in order to achieve your goal! There is no magic, there is no hidden product during the program. You will receive background knowledge and solution formulas for the problems that arise in everyday life that hold you back from reaching your goal!

We incorporate these into practice over a period of 5 months, because there is a huge gap between what I know and what I do. We will also help you to build this bridge and after we finish the joint work, you can walk boldly on a stable bridge, even alone! If you ever need a repair, you can easily do it yourself based on what you've learned.

1 x Start data collection (60-90 minutes)


Continuous food diary analysis


Regular contact within the application in the form of messages


A personalized nutrition and health development program that includes recommended supplements and functional tests for each client


Lifestyle transformation program with application access (a simple, step-by-step guide to getting in better shape, sleeping better, controlling blood sugar, increasing energy, improving mental and physical performance)


Recipes and meal suggestions

Membership in a supportive community

2 x 1:1 video calls every month (15 minutes)

2 x 30-minute group video calls per month (30 minutes)

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